European Union

Lithuania not glad about Brexit, but expects further cooperation with UK - Linkevičius
2017 m. kovo 30 d. 13:51
Foreign Minister Linas Linkevičius says that Lithuania is not glad that the United Kingdom has started the process of exiting the European Union , but it hopes...
Seimas to discuss bid of 90% of TV content to be provided in EU languages
2017 m. kovo 29 d. 10:07
Lithuania's parliament has opened discussions in the requirement submitted by the opposition conservatives , suggesting that at least 90 percent of rebroadcast...
Farmers want public groups, parties to sign agreement to curb emigration
2017 m. kovo 29 d. 10:00
The largest parliamentary Lithuanian Farmers and Greens Union will seek that the agreement...
Vaitekūnas re-appointed head of Lithuania's radio and TV watchdog
2017 m. kovo 28 d. 12:29
The Lithuanian parliament on Tuesday re-appointed Edmundas Vaitekūnas for another term of...
Solidarity is what Belarus needs most now - Lebedko in Vilnius
2017 m. kovo 28 d. 09:46
Solidarity from the international community is what Belarusian people, who have been subjected to repressions from authorities over mass protests, need most now,...
Germany sends signal of sending back refugees to Lithuania
2017 m. kovo 27 d. 10:11
Germany's migration authorities have notified Lithuania of its plans to send back yet another refugee to Lithuania. Although he has not yet reached Lithuania,...
President expects EU to find ways toward amicable divorce with UK
2017 m. kovo 24 d. 12:27
The European Union will find ways of ensuring an amicable divorce with the United Kingdom,...
Fighting for a stronger Europe!
2017 m. kovo 24 d. 11:03
It’s your birthday, Europe! Sixty years ago, on 25 March 1957, the founding members of the...
MEP Guoga blacklisted by Russia
2017 m. kovo 24 d. 09:16
Antanas Guoga , Lithuanian member of the European Parliament, has been included into the list of persons unwanted in Russia .
Sixty years of the EU – A coming of age?
2017 m. kovo 24 d. 09:16
On the 25th of March the European Union turns sixty. Congratulations are in order for the EU and for ourselves!
Backing separatists in Eastern Ukraine means acting against Lithuania
2017 m. kovo 23 d. 12:21
The Lithuanian State Security Department 's director says that those who support...
Germany's chief of defence to visit Lithuania
2017 m. kovo 23 d. 09:30
German Chief of Defence General Volker Wieker is coming on a two-day visit to Lithuania on...
Foreign Minister dismisses Lukashenko's accusations to Lithuania as fiction
2017 m. kovo 21 d. 15:10
Lithuania's Foreign Minister Linas Linkevičius has dismissed the statement by Belarusian...
Belarus may have to reconsider Astravyets N-plant project - PM
2017 m. kovo 20 d. 14:15
The Polish decision not to buy electricity from the Astravyets nuclear power plant (NPP) under construction in Belarus shows that the market may be closed for the...
The drift
2017 m. kovo 20 d. 14:03
Poland's refusal of Astravyets N-plant electricity a key signal to Lithuania
2017 m. kovo 20 d. 11:58
The statement by a Polish governmental official that the country would not buy electricity...
Lithuania among least popular EU countries among asylum-seekers
2017 m. kovo 20 d. 09:45
Lithuania is one of the least popular countries in the European Union (EU) in terms of...
Lithuania should step up security cooperation with Nordic states - Minister of Defence
2017 m. kovo 20 d. 09:33
Lithuania should step military and security cooperation with the Nordic countries , Defence...
Lietuvės praktika Australijoje: ten žmonės atsipalaidavę ir mėgaujasi akimirkomis  (7)
2017 m. kovo 17 d. 00:00
Vytauto Didžiojo Universiteto (VDU) absolventė, Gintarė Frišmantaitė, atlikusi praktiką Adelaidės lietuvių mokykloje tolimojoje Australijoje teigia, kad...
Lithuania #1 among Baltic States by number of tourist overnight stays
2017 m. kovo 16 d. 14:54
Touris ts spend more nights in Lithuania than in Latvia or Estonia. According to EUROSTAT , the official statistical office of the European Union, in 2016 the number...
Defence Resource Council backs centralized defense system acquisitions
2017 m. kovo 13 d. 12:13
The Defence Ministry's Defence Resource Council on Friday gave a green light to the reform...
President: EU treaties shouldn't be revised in debates on multiple-speed Europe
2017 m. kovo 11 d. 08:49
Amid the discussions among European Union (EU) leaders on a multiple-speed community...
Eight refugees from Eritrea relocated to Lithuania  (1)
2017 m. kovo 10 d. 14:38
Eight refugee s from Eritrea , a country in northeastern Africa, have been relocated to...
ForMin Linkevičius believes Tusk will be re-elected to head EU summits
2017 m. kovo 9 d. 14:53
Lithuania's Foreign Minister Linas Linkevičius has expressed belief that the majority of European Union (EU) nations will support re-election of Poland's former...
Lithuania's rate of female execs among EU's biggest
2017 m. kovo 6 d. 14:41
The share of females in top positions in Lithuania is among the biggest across the European Union (EU), Eurostat said on Monday.
Lithuania's spending on social security among EU's lowest  (1)
2017 m. kovo 6 d. 12:34
The Lithuanian government's spending on social security was one of the lowest among all 28...
Rukla hosting NATO batalion expects to heal social wounds
2017 m. kovo 6 d. 11:58
Before switching on the dictophone, Gintas Jasiulionis, elder of Rukla, a town in central...
Lithuania should improve tax collection figures - Dombrovskis
2017 m. kovo 3 d. 12:11
European Commission (EC) Vice-President Valdis Dombrovskis has stated in Vilnius that...