Lithuania to become ESA's associate member

Lithuania will become an associate member of the European Space Agency after the country's Economy and Innovation Minister Ausrine Armonaite signed an...

MP Glaveckas passes away at hospital (1)

MP Kestutis Glaveckas, a signatory of the March 11 Independence Act and a co-founder of the Lithuanian Free Market Institute, has passed away at hospital.

Coronavirus restrictions eased for guides, amusement parks, prison visits

The Lithuanian government on Wednesday relaxed the coronavirus lockdown restrictions for guided excursions, amusement parks and prison visits.

Shopping centers and cinemas reopen small events allowed

Stores operating at shopping centers, cinemas, theaters, concert hall are reopening in Lithuania on Monday and small events are allowed.

Shopping centers to reopen, excluding weekends

The Lithuanian government made a decision on Thursday to allow all stores at shopping centers to reopen as of April 19. And marketplaces and other public...

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