State Border Guard Service

Forty-five irregular migrants tried to cross from Belarus to Lithuania in last 3 days

Lithuanian border guards prevented 45 irregular migrants from accessing the country via Belarus in the last three days.

Lithuania raises threat level due to damage of gas pipeline connecting Finland and Estonia

Lithuania has increased the threat level after the 77 km Balticonnector gas pipeline between Finland and Estonia was damaged earlier.

Minister of the Interior: Lithuania will consider closing two more border checkpoints with Belarus

The Ministry of the Interior will propose to the Government to consider closing two more checkpoints at the border with Belarus . On Monday, Minister of...

Emergency meeting to be held after father kidnapped daughter and fled to Russia

On 27 August, a father kidnapped a one-year-old daughter from a mother in Lithuania and crossed a river in a rubber boat to Russia’s Kaliningrad region...

Blinkevičiūtė: restrictions on Belarusian citizens may be tightened

Restrictions on Belarusian citizens arriving to Lithuania may be tightened if agencies responsible for national security see a need for this, says MEP...

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