State Border Guard Service

Lithuanian reopens three checkpoints on Belarusian border after year's break

Three border checkpoints on the Lithuanian-Belarusian border are resuming operation on Monday, Lithuania's State Border Guard Service says.

Officials detain 15 Iraqis at border with Belarus and 5 Afghans in truck

Lithuanian border guards detained 15 illegal Iraqi migrants close to the border with Belarus on Thursday and police found five Afghan citizens in a truck...

Customs system restored queues shrink slightly

The Customs information system was restored in Lithuania on Saturday after being down for several days, and truck lines on the Lithuanian-Belarusian border...

Customs: alcohol smuggling surges in 2020

Alcohol smuggling volumes soared in Lithuania in 2020, a representative of the country’s Customs Department said on Thursday.

Intelligence: Belarus KGB uses "honey trap" to recruit Lithuanians

Lithuania's intelligence warned on Thursday that Belarusian KGB is becoming increasingly aggressive against Lithuanians and lures them into compromising...

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