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Karolis Broga

President Gitanas Nausėda expects authorities to improve the protection of the border with Russia after a father kidnapped his child and fled to Kaliningrad region by crossing a river in a rubber boat last week.

31.08.2023, 11:26
Karolis Broga

On Sunday, a father kidnapped a daughter from a mother and fled from Lithuania to Russia across a river in a rubber boat. Russia has refused to return the kidnapped toddler to Lithuania. Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė says authorities are working actively to have the child returned.

29.08.2023, 11:01

Speaking at the International Crimea Platform Summit in Kyiv on Wednesday, President Gitanas Nausėda emphasised that the consequences of Russia’s illegal occupation and annexation of the Crimean Peninsula are still painfully felt today and that lasting peace is impossible without the return of contr...

23.08.2023, 17:36
Justina Vaišvilaitė

National Defence Minister Arvydas Anušauskas says he expects Lithuania to withdraw from the convention banning cluster munitions in the future. The politician shared this on his Facebook account on Sunday, in response to a question about Lithuania’s potential acquisition of cluster bombs.

21.08.2023, 11:44

At the beginning of 2023, Latvia had population of 1 million 883 thousand, of which children (people aged 17 and under) accounted for 361 thousand or 19.2%, the Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia (CSB) said on Friday.

09.08.2023, 11:48

On Thursday, President Gitanas Nausėda met with Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki in Suwałki to discuss the security situation on the border, the threats posed by the presence of the Wagner group in Belarus, the likelihood of provocations and the readiness to counter them, the presidency repo...

03.08.2023, 17:48

The Committee of Permanent Representatives (Coreper) in the European Union has reached an agreement on new sanctions against Belarus, says Lithuania’s Ambassador Arnoldas Pranckevičius.

27.07.2023, 11:09
Karolis Broga

Minister of National Defence Arvydas Anušauskas believes the West should adopt a firm stance on Russia as Moscow is blackmailing the West by demanding to lift sanctions in return for Russia engaging in talks over the Black Sea grain deal.

24.07.2023, 09:45
Justina Vaišvilaitė

A number of cars worth more than half a billion euros in total left Lithuania for Belarus last year, presumably ending up in Russia, a report by the LRT Investigation Team shows.

22.07.2023, 11:00
Karolis Broga

The Armed Forces of Lithuania are closely monitoring the security situation in the region and are ready to respond to potential threats to national security after Russia’s private military company Wagner arrived in Belarus and started holding exercises with Belarusian forces at the border with Polan...

21.07.2023, 17:26
Karolis Broga

It has been reported that a vehicle column of Russia’s private military company Wagner has been spotted in Belarus. President of Lithuania Gitanas Nausėda says Wagner presence in Belarus affects regional security situation.

17.07.2023, 10:26

Мэр Вильнюса Валдас Бенкунскас заверил, что рекламные плакаты кампании Call Russia, вызвавшие возмущение в обществе, за свой счет заменили ее организаторы. По словам мэра, муниципалитету это ничего не стоило. Он заметил, что муниципалитет только выполнил роль координатора, пытаясь убедить организато...

12.07.2023, 07:09