Central Electoral Commission

Lithuania’s 2024 presidential election campaign begins

The political campaign for the presidential elections officially started on Sunday – six months before Lithuanians go to polls to elect the country's next...

Election watchdog: mayoral candidate grossly violated Code on Elections by vote buying

The Central Electoral Commission ( VRK ) concluded Thursday that mayoral candidate in Pagėgiai district Kęstas Komskis grossly violated the Code on...

Election watchdog signs contract for feasibility study on online voting

The Central Electoral Commission ( VRK ) said on Monday it had finalised the public procurement procedure and signed a contract for a feasibility study on...

New head of electoral commission sworn in

Lina Petronienė was sworn in on Tuesday as the head of Central Electoral Commission ( VRK ).

Seimas speaker nominates Petronienė to head electoral commission

Seimas Speaker Viktorija Čmilytė-Nielsen nominates Lina Petronienė as the head the Central Electoral Commission ( VRK ).

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