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The information at the disposal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia indicates that the Russian Federation (RF) may have taken actions within the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) to target present and former Latvian officials who have participated in taking decisions aimed at condemn...

02.10.2023, 18:19

Russian citizens who applied but failed to pass the official Latvian language examination or did not take it for justified reasons may obtain a residence permit for a term of up to two years, according to the amendments to the Immigration Law adopted by the Saeima in the second and final reading on ...

16.09.2023, 09:00

The Latvian national airline airBaltic has announced that its top destinations from Riga in July were London, Nice and Zurich. These destinations are popular among both leisure and business travellers due to the airline’s focus on providing passengers a wide variety of travel options and flexible ti...

15.08.2023, 10:00

At the beginning of 2023, Latvia had population of 1 million 883 thousand, of which children (people aged 17 and under) accounted for 361 thousand or 19.2%, the Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia (CSB) said on Friday.

09.08.2023, 11:48

By continuing to invest in renewable energy and promoting its use in operations, energy trader and convenience store network AS VIRŠI-A is significantly expanding its cooperation with Latvian producers by providing renewable electricity at all Virši service stations, the company said in a press rele...

28.07.2023, 12:00
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Детектор лжи
Манипуляция: политические элиты Латвии считают белорусов врагами, и это обусловлено исторически

Петр Петровский, один из наиболее активных пропагандистов режима Лукашенко, утверждает, что причина доведенных до минимума дипотношений между Беларусью и Латвией якобы кроется в этнонационализме политических элит Латвии, для которых ксенофобия и белорусофобия являются нормой, поскольку они историчес...

19.07.2022, 13:24

Rusijos elektros energijos eksporto ir importo monopolininkė „Inter RAO“ pranešė per pirmąjį pusmetį uždirbusi 53,29 mlrd. rublių (612,5 mln. eurų) konsoliduoto grynojo pelno pagal tarptautinius finansinės apskaitos standartus – 26,8 proc. daugiau nei prieš metus.

30.08.2021, 10:53

Lithuania's parliamentary Committee on European Affairs has called on the government to step up pressure on Latvia over electricity trade with Russia amid suspicions that power generated by Belarus' Astravyets nuclear power station could be thus entering the Lithuanian market.

12.11.2020, 10:37