State Security Department

"Undesirable" Spaniard sent out of country

A Spaniard, deemed undesirable, has been sent out of Lithuania on Thursday. survey: most influential public servants named

Lithuania's experts have named Darius Jauniskis , director of the country's State Security Department, Zydrunas Bartkus , director of the Special...

Attempt was made to carry out terror act in Vilnius (1)

An attempt was made last fall to carry out a terror act in Vilnius, prosecutors said on Friday.

Gaizauskas: extremists pose no major risks

Extremists do not pose any special threat to Lithuania's national security, the chairman of the Seimas Committee on National Security and Defense (CNSD)...

Lithuania to step up medical intelligence as part of lessons learned from COVID-19 crisis

Darius Jauniskis plans to step up Lithuania's medical intelligence capabilities during his second term as director of the State Security Department (VSD)...

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