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Lithuania launches probe into pro-Russian Ukrainian blogger's finances

Lithuania's Prosecutor General's Office last week launched an investigation into the assets and finances of Anatoliy Shariy, a pro-Russian Ukrainian blogger,...

Bomb threat made against Belarusian opposition’s event

On Tuesday, the police received an email with threats of bomb explosions in multiple buildings in Vilnius.

LTG offers free train travel for all people fleeing Ukraine from war with Russia

As of 1 August, not only citizens of Ukraine will be able to use free train travel on local routes in Lithuania. From 1 August, all people fleeing Ukraine...

Lithuania eases hiring requirements for foreign nationals

Lithuania has eased its requirements for legal hiring of foreign nationals, effective from August 1.

Number of people with granted and restored citizenship down

The number of people who have been granted Lithuanian citizenship of have had it restored has dropped in Lithuania, according to the latest data from the...

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