Estonia (Estonian: Eesti [ˈeːsʲti]), officially the Republic of Estonia (Estonian: Eesti Vabariik), is a country in Northern Europe. It is bordered to the north by the Gulf of Finland with Finland on the other side, to the west by the Baltic Sea with Sweden on the other side, to the south by Latvia (343 km), and to the east by Lake Peipus and Russia (338.6 km).

„Rud Pedersen Group“ įsigijo pirmaujančią Estijos agentūrą

Prie tarptautinės komunikacijos paslaugų grupės „Rud Pedersen Group“ prisijungė Estijos komunikacijos paslaugų lyderė, bendrovė „META...

Nordic–Baltic formins issue joint statement on support for Ukraine

Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis and his counterparts from Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Norway and Sweden have issued a joint statement...

Unemployment rate at 5.7% in Q3

The Ministry of Social Security and Labour has reported that in September 2022 year-on-year unemployment in Lithuania decreased more than on average in the...

Experts: working pensioners help ease tension on labour market

The number of working pensioners in Lithuania is growing, Sodra said in early October. In 2010, about 9% of old-age pension recipients were working, and the...

Northern Group ministers agreed to strengthen cooperation to ensure protection of critical infrastructure

The Northern European Defence Policy Forum (the Northern Group) in Norway’s capital Oslo have agreed to continue the steadfast cooperation on ensuring...

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Įvertino Putino užmojus užpulti Japoniją: tai – ne kliedesiai  (9)

Natalia Drozdiak, Daryna Krasnolutska

Ukrainos prašymai prisijungti prie NATO vis garsėja