Liberal Movement

Poll: two parties equally popular

The latest public opinion poll commissioned by the news website Delfi and conducted by the pollster Spinter Tyrimai revealed that two parties were at the top...

Freedom Party’s leader: we never promised that law on same-sex partnership would be passed in 100 days

Attempts to pass the law on same-sex partnership have continued in parliament for the last two years. Aušrinė Armonaitė, leader of the Freedom Party and...

Poll: conservatives, democrats and SocDems top Lithuania's party rankings

The conservative Homeland Union–Lithuanian Christian Democrats top Lithuania's party rankings, followed by the Democratic Union "For Lithuania" in second...

Two Liberal politicians urge government to reject EC’s additional guidance on Kaliningrad transit

Reacting to the European Commission’s additional guidance on transit, which enables Russia to transport some sanctioned goods to and from its Kaliningrad...

Liberal Movement updates its visual identity

Lithuania's Liberal Movement, part of the ruling block, on Saturday adopted a new visual identity as a stylized letter "L" became the party's new symbol.

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Delfi Plius Natalia Drozdiak, Alex Wickham, Volodymyr Verbyany

Rusijai – nemalonios užuominos dėl lemiamo posūkio kare

Delfi Plius „Nepatogūs klausimai“

Nepatogūs klausimai. Svečiuose – Gabrielius Vagelis