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Karolis Broga

The State Security Department (VSD) disputes the findings of a parliamentary inquiry into a VSD whistleblower’s case. An ad hoc commission of the Seimas examined how the VSD collected information during the 2019 presidential election campaign. The commission concluded that then presidential candidat...

Justina Vaišvilaitė-Braziulienė

The parliamentary commission for inquiry into intelligence activities has officially presented its findings at the Seimas. However, the chairs of the Seimas groups decided on Thursday that the commission’s report will not be voted on until after Easter.

Justina Vaišvilaitė-Braziulienė

Some companies operating in Lithuania, clearly aware that they are helping Moscow to evade sanctions, are organising the export of equipment, technology and other products to Russia. Part of them engage in the schemes on their own initiative, the latest national threat assessment by intelligence age...

Members of the Lithuanian parliamentary Committee on National Security and Defense, representing the opposition conservative Homeland Union – Lithuanian Christian Democrats, are suggesting establishing the institution of an intelligence ombudsman.