Parliament revises 2022 budget

The Lithuanian parliament on Tuesday voted in favor of revising the 2020 state budget for the second time this year.

Forbes: Blue/Yellow among the largest supporters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Ukraine is defending against Russian invasion for the third month in a row. While the world is watching at the shocking images and reading horrific stories...

SSD chief: Russia destroyed Europe's security architecture

Russia's launched invasion in Ukraine in late February destroyed the European security architecture, but there's no direct military threat to Lithuania at...

Lithuania raises defense spending to 2.52 percent

The Lithuanian parliament on Thursday on raised this year's defense spending to 2.52 percent of GDP.

Ant „Agrokoncerno“ prekystalio vis dar stovi rusiški kombainai: Karbauskis turi paaiškinimą

Prasidėjus karui „valstiečių“ lyderis Ramūnas Karbauskis paskelbė, kad su juo siejami verslai nutraukia ryšius su Rusijos įmonėmis, tačiau...

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