9 mėnesį nėščia fitneso modelis pademonstravo fantastišką kūną

36 savaites nėščia fitneso modelis Chontel Duncan atrodo neįtikėtinai. Kai dažniausiai daugelis moterų skundžiasi, kad jau nebegali tilpti pro duris ir vis sunkiau darosi pamatyti savo kojas, šiai gražuolei tai yra vieni juokai. Jos figūra pakito ne taip jau daug. O ji ir toliau lanko fitneso užsiėmimus.
Chontel Duncan
Chontel Duncan
© "Instagram"

Sportišką figūrą Chontel išlaikė iki pat gimdymo. Tačiau tai tikrai - ne genai, o nuolatinis ir atkaklus darbas kiekvieną dieną sporto salėje. Buvimas aktyviai ir nepakitusi mityba jai padėjo palaikyti nepriekaištingą kūną.

Tokia Ch. Duncan figūra sužavėjo tūkstančius, juk išlaikyti visą raumenyną ir turėti mažytį pilvą yra didelis iššūkis.

BUMP UPDATE 🍼 35 weeks.... Only 35 days to go! The past week I've experienced on 2 occasions swollen calves & ankles (aka cankles) 😳 don't worry it's nothing serious, my blood pressure is spot on. It's purely part of my journey and due to Little D being so bloody low & engaged. Poor guy has not moved position eek, my core does not allow him the freedom to do somersaults, but thankfully this is a very good thing as he is in the perfect position for delivery. The doctors don't want him to move from this position. So I bought these cheap miracle socks from Big W (in the section where all the "as seen on tv" shit is sold, and if I wear them with my feet up, the fluid literally disappears. They clearly are miracle socks lol We shot with the very talented Melanie @captured_dreams_by_melanie & as beautiful as her work is I still had my doubts in whether I could pull off shots like what I see in her portfolio. No doubt Mel knew exactly how to position us, where the best angles, lighting etc were & we could not be more OBSESSED with the images we have seen so far. Guys I know this is defiantly not your cup of tea, BUT let me assure you, it's very special, Mel wouldn't shoot you looking uncomfortable or awkward, it was an amazing experience for my husband and I to connect more & these memories we will forever cherish. Hands down 🙌🏾 DO IT!!!! My baby shower was on Sunday & it was absolutely PERFECT ☺️ from the venue @rainforestgardens, the food (thanks Mum & Aunty Ann), the decorations & games (thanks girls), the music (thanks Erin & Sam), the cake/cupcake tower (thanks @miss_kate_xox), the Event letters (@eventletters) & of course all my friends and family for coming 😀 Little D was absolutely spoilt ROTTEN! My husband and I chose to open the gifts together at home so we could fill in my Kiki book on who got what so we could thanks each for their kind wishes and gifts. I have to say it was a day I won't forget. I'm still training each day as much as I can, nutrition is still the same no weird changes have happened & my OB appointments are now weekly YAY!!! Tonight we have our last Antenatal Class, man do I... CLICK THE LINK IN MY BIO TO READ FURTHER 📲

A photo posted by Chontel Duncan💋 (@chontelduncan) on Feb 24, 2016 at 7:20pm PST

Move Nourish Believe #mnb

A photo posted by Chontel Duncan💋 (@chontelduncan) on Feb 28, 2016 at 3:21am PST

28 days till D Day 💟 @captured_dreams_by_melanie

A photo posted by Chontel Duncan💋 (@chontelduncan) on Mar 1, 2016 at 7:18pm PST

BUMP UPDATE 🍼 36 weeks... only 28 days to go 🙊 Boy do I feel pregnant, this tummy is massive, heavy, makes sitting up so difficult, rolling over in bed a funny task, trying my sneakers hard work & my back has its moments where it throbs. It's exciting because these are all NEW signs & signs that mean Little D is almost here. I'm interested to know where my waters will break hahaha... (If they do) Imagine if they broke this weekend at the hens in the valley or next weekend at my challenge break up party in the city OR while training in front of my clients hehehe... would be hilarious!!!! As of next week I have been instructed to commence some useful techniques to help bring on labour; 1) have sex daily 🙉 most hilarious convo 2) stimulate my nipples every time I use the bathroom 🙊 3) increase my raspberry leaf tablets to 6 per day 💊 Predictions are that I'll labour around 4hrs & push for 30mins... fingers crossed these predictions are correct, that just sounds like a dream come true!!! But we will just have to wait & see... Drugs... I plan to go gas if needed, defiantly no pethidine & epidural would be considered as an absolute last resort. I want to use the shower, exercise ball, stand as much as possible & play my music to help calm any nerves of needed. I've been doing collaborative care, which is private for all of my appointments & public for delivery, then private for all post natal appointments. The public system can (if I have a completely normal delivery) send me home within 6hrs of birth 😳 isn't that crazy to think... I could labour for 4hrs, rest for 6hrs and be at home all within 10hrs of my first active labour contraction. Watched USA "one born every min", made my husband & I get so excited. I'm defiantly going to ask to pull Little D out like Kortney Kardashian did lol & I hope to god I don't scream hahaha... I've officially gained... TO CONTINUE READING CLICK MY LINK IN MY BIO TO MY FACEBOOK.📲

A photo posted by Chontel Duncan💋 (@chontelduncan) on Mar 2, 2016 at 12:41am PST

Cannot deal 🙌🏽 @nutri.hitt cheesecakes #guiltfree #glutenfree #dairyfree #norefinedsugar

A photo posted by Chontel Duncan💋 (@chontelduncan) on Feb 23, 2016 at 7:23pm PST

BUMP UPDATE🍼 34 weeks, only 42 days to go... The week was good, got my training done (6-7 sessions), celebrated our BRIDE to be Madelines hens for 2 nights down the GC, celebrated my 14th Valo's Day with my husband 😳 (can't believe it's been that long), celebrated my husbands 29th Bday Monday & so far this week I have completed 5 @hiit_australia sessions, have already worked 47hrs & have 21.5hrs left to work, might do 3 more sessions & then it's my BABY SHOWER 😝🍼🎉 Baby shower excitement is an understatement, I am so grateful for my amazing close ones who have really gone above an beyond to make this happen. It's a HUGE task having over 100 guest confirmed so far... so I am very grateful for all the time they have put into getting this day ready. I feel so super round, super tight, still super energetic, still sleeping right through the night (no wee wee trips), still not holding much or any fluid, still VERY impatiently waiting, still eating everything with no cravings & still been granted permission by my Docs/Ob to continue my physical lifestyle. My husband I've realised needs constant reminding when Lil D's due date is and how many weeks we are 😏 he is seriously that BAD at this shit. Drives me mental 😤 pretty sure he doesn't read my updates lol I'm shooting & being interviewed by a very BIG label on Friday 😁 capturing a fit pregnancy & how moving your body helps the process. Stay tuned!!! Can I just say a quick SHOUT OUT of appreciation to my amazing HIIT family, they constantly bring out the best in this experience & have been such an amazing support network through the whole journey. The simplest tummy rub, glowing complement, notice the smallest changes, pats on the back after training & I could seriously go on. They have kept me on the straight road ahead, made me smile daily, brought so much excitement to what I have yet to experience & have truly come from the most humble place. Looking forward to celebrating this journey so far in just 4 short sleeps. Actually on Sunday night I had this lil power chuck... TO CONTINUE READING CLICK MY LINK IN MY BIO TO MY FACEBOOK PAGE 📲

A photo posted by Chontel Duncan💋 (@chontelduncan) on Feb 17, 2016 at 1:55am PST

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