Lithuanian Armed Forces

Defence technology expert Vilkauskas: country that does not provide to its army feeds the foreign one

In the middle of November, Lithuania has signed an agreement with the United States to buy four Sikorsky UH-60M Black Hawk helicopters that will replace...

Lithuania and US plan to sign contract on 4 Black Hawk helicopters this week

Lithuania is planning to sign a contract with the United States this week on the acquisition of four Black Hawk military helicopters, the Defense...

Lithuanian Armed Forces' coronavirus cases double to 200 in a week

The Lithuanian Armed Forces currently have over 200 positive coronavirus cases, twice as many as a week ago.

Defense spending to reach 2.01-2.09 percent of GDP next year

Lithuania's defense budget is projected to exceed 2 percent of GDP in 2021, according to the Defense Ministry .

General Zenkevicius retiring from active service

Lithuania’s Ministry of Defense is to hold a solemn ceremony to honor the retirement of Major General Gintautas Zenkevicius from active military...

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