Soviet Union

Tensions inside Germany’s governing elite over NATO position on Baltics, Russia

Contradictory views on what Germany’s position should be in relation to NATO and Russia in the Baltics surfaced last week ahead of today’s NATO summit...

Why Russia is liking Brexit - a return to a multipolar Europe

The Kremlin is enjoying the discomfort that Brexit is causing to the European Union. But that does not mean that it wants Europe broken up. It just wants a...

Vilnius mayor begins dismantling of building made from Jewish headstones

Vilnius city authorities began dismantling a Soviet-era structure made from Jewish headstones last week, led by the city's mayor.

Lithuanian proposals to 'criminalize disinformation' go out to consultation

The Lithuanian parliament's National Security and Defence Committee (NSDC) plans to return to discussing the State Security Department's proposals to make...

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