Lithuanian passport provides visa-free access to 162 states

Baltic passports are among the most valuable in the world, according to a list that valued passports by how many states they granted visa-free access to.

Conquering Scandinavia presents new challenges for exporters

Lithuanian entrepreneurs have been turning away from Russia as their primary market for exports and setting their sight on the Nordic countries. However,...

Highest-speed internet in Baltics launched in Lithuania

One of the biggest mobile operators in Lithuania, Omnitel, is the first company in the Baltics and one of the first in the world to install the latest mobile...

Lithuania one of few EU countries to import less Gazprom gas last year

Lithuania was one of the few EU countries to reduce its dependence on Russian gas supplied by Gazprom last year, with 20 countries including Germany,...

Lithuania still needs progress in waste management

Although Lithuania has made significant progress in waste management over the last years, it is still behind many other EU countries.

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