Ministry of the Interior

Interior Ministry representative: illegal migration route via Moscow emerges

One should not be misled into thinking that the recent drop in the number of illegal migrants trying to enter Lithuania from Belarus means the attack is over...

EU interior ministers call for swifter EU-level decisions on border protection

Twelve European Union’s (EU) interior ministers have sent a joint letter to the European Commission calling to accelerate EU changes in the areas of...

Several illegal migrants have rented homes thus avoiding detention

Several illegal migrants who have entered Lithuania this year have rented homes thus avoiding months-long detention, news portal reported on Wednesday.

Firefighter fatally injured while installing fence at border with Belarus

An officer of Lithuania’s Fire and Rescue Department was fatally injured at the border with Belarus on Tuesday, the Ministry of the Interior reported.

Slovenia sends in 10 km of concertina razor wire for border barrier

10-km long concertina razor wire has been delivered to Lithuania from Slovenia on Thursday, as well as other elements needed for its installation on the...