Lithuanian army

Lithuania decides to step up acquisition of medium-range air defense systems

In response to the recent missile incident in Poland, Lithuania's State Defense Council on Monday agreed to step up the acquisition of medium-range air...

State Defense Council to convene on Monday

Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda will convene the State Defense Council on Monday, his spokesman Ridas Jasiulionis has confirmed it to BNS.

Disinformation flow drops by 5th over month Ukraine war stays in focus

The level of disinformation dropped by a fifth in September from August, analysts from the Lithuanian Armed Forces say, with the ongoing war in Ukraine,...

Lithuanian sends army helicopter to evacuate injured crew member from Finnish tanker

A Lithuanian Air Force helicopter was dispatched on Tuesday to take an injured crew member from a Finnish tanker to hospital, the Lithuanian army said.

Army chief: Russia's mobilization decision reveals personnel problems

Russia's decision on a partial mobilization is not unexpected and it shows the country's personnel problems in its war against Ukraine, Lithuanian Chief of...

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