Lithuanian army

Lithuanian troops to be equipped with German pistols

The Lithuanian army will be equipped with new pistols after a contract with German company Heckler&Koch on the acquisition of SFP9 SF Paddle pistols...

Attempt to publish fake news about US troops thwarted

An attempt to publish a fake report about the presence of US troops in Lithuania was thwarted by the country’s media on Wednesday.

Colonel Dapkus proposed for commander of Riflemen's Union

Lithuanian National Defense Minister Raimundas Karoblis is nominating Colonel Albertas Dapkus to lead the Lithuanian Riflemen's Union .

Number of disinformation, cyber attacks is rising in Lithuania (1)

The number of hybrid disinformation and cyber attacks in Lithuania is rising and they are becoming bolder and more advanced as more resources and forces...

2020-ųjų vasara gynybos prasme. Koronos efektas įneš nerimo ir chaoso (2)

Vasario 19-ąją dieną publikuotas mano straipsnis „Karšta 2020-ųjų vasara gynybine prasme“ sulaukė nevienareikšmiškų vertinimų: nuo raginimų...

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