Lithuanian army

14 Afghan families arrive in Raseiniai

The families of 14 Afghan interpreters who worked with Lithuanian troops in Afghanistan arrived in Lithuania's western city of Raseiniai on Wednesday...

Staff of German army division to train in Lithuania for 1st time (5)

The staff of Germany's10th Armored Division will take place in the "Schneller Degen" (Dagger Strike) military exercise in Pabrade Training Area in...

Parliament deems spike in illegal migration hybrid aggression (1)

The Seimas of Lithuania has on Tuesday adopted a resolution that calls the recent spike in illegal migration from Belarus hybrid aggression.

Parliament calls illegal migration hybrid aggression calls for NATO consultations

A draft resolution has been registered in the Lithuanian parliament, calling for illegal migration to be deemed hybrid aggression. It also proposes to...

Lithuania suspects two Russian attack aircraft of violating its airspace

Lithuania suspects that two Russian attack aircraft SU-24 have violated its airspace while flying over the Baltic Sea.

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