Gundančiuose kadruose iš Maldyvų – tobula 53 metų Elizabeth Hurley figūra (9)

Aktorė Elizabeth Hurley socialinėje žiniasklaidoje reguliariai skelbia įspūdingų kadrų. Atostogaudama Maldyvuose ji taip pat nesnaudė –...

Conflict between Athens and Fanar: another threat to Orthodox unity

"We love the Patriarch and the Patriarchate, we respect it. But we should emphasize that we love the Church and our country more than all". This very recent...

Some 29.6 pct of Lithuanians at risk of poverty in 2017 - Eurostat

Some 29.6 percent of the Lithuanian population were at risk of poverty or social exclusion in 2017, which was among the highest rates in the EU , figures...

Four more refugees to be transferred to Lithuania from Turkey

Lithuania will have to accept another four refugees, implementing the international agreement, the public radio has announced.

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