For Lithuania

If not me, then who? Cleveland’s Lithuanians Plant 100 Birch Trees for Lithuania

If not me, then who? A question 50 Lithuanian- Americans asked themselves as they volunteered to plant 100 birch trees at the Cuyahoga National Valley near...

Klaipėda councilor to attend economic forum in Russia-annexed Crimea

Viačeslav Titov , a member of the City Council of Klaipėda, plans to attend next year's Yalta International Economic Forum in Russia-annexed Crimea .

Searching for things in common between Lithuanians and Poles may be the best response to the efforts to divide them (1)

States antagonistic to Lithuania often employ the strategy of “divide and conquer” to foment division within the country and between it and its allies....

Lithuanian army's elite force commander to be appointed NATO, EU rep

Colonel Modestas Petrauskas , commander of the Lithuanian Special Operations Forces, is set to be appointed Lithuania's military representative to NATO...

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