MP Puidokas elected leader of Lithuanian Christian Democracy Party

Non-attached Member of Parliament Mindaugas Puidokas was elected chairman of the Lithuanian Christian Democracy Party at its congress held on Sunday.

Clock is ticking for Lithuania to reconsider its security concept, says Landsbergis

Lithuania must reconsider its security concept as soon as possible in response to dramatic developments in the international arena, says Minister of Foreign...

Fighting autocrats together: how Belarusians and Lithuanians stand hand in hand for freedom and democracy

Despite attempts by the Lukashenka regime to set us against each other, we stand together in defense of freedom and democracy from authoritarian aggression.

Питер Залмаев: Литва стала первой страной, которая реально оказала Украине военную помощь (2)

О ситуации вокруг Украины в программе " Delfi.Главное " беседуем с политологом и...

T. Bryer. Is America a democratic nation?

In the past couple of months, leading up to events transpiring in cities around the country these past few weeks, foundational issues and values of who we...