Baltic Sea region

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Karolis Broga

On Friday, German-made Leopard 2 tanks, which were brought from Ukraine for repairs in Lithuania, were showcased at Gaižiūnai training area, near Jonava, central Lithuania. The Ministry of National Defence announced that the tanks would soon return to Ukraine, which is fighting against Russian invad...

On 4 and 5 October, Latvia will host the 14th Annual Forum of the European Union Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR), “Safe and Sustainable Baltic Sea Region for Future Generations”. Its thematic focus will be placed on green energy, climate issues, and youth engagement, the Ministry of Fore...

The Baltic and Finnish natural gas price index BGSI fell below the EUR 30/MWh threshold at the end of May, with the monthly BGSI reaching EUR 37.20/MWh. This is the first time that gas prices have been this low since the start of the energy crisis, reports natural gas exchange operator GET Baltic.

Since the 24th of February, the war in Ukraine raised and highlighted multiple questions – how to define the real scope and participants of a shifting hybrid war, and especially, what could be the consequences on broader international relations? Who are the key actors of this situation?