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Karolis Broga

The Lithuanian School Student Union (LMS) on Tuesday signed a cooperation agreement with a teachers’ trade union, which is planning a strike. They have agreed that if teachers’ demands are not met, then a march will take place on 29 September from schools of striking teachers to the Ministry of Educ...

12.09.2023, 18:04
Karolis Broga

The Lithuanian Education Employee’s Trade Union (LŠDPS) has announced that approximately 6,000 teachers may strike in September demanding for higher pay and better working conditions.

05.09.2023, 11:11
Karolis Broga

The Lithuanian Education Employee’s Trade Union (LŠDPS) on Tuesday set the dates for the upcoming teachers’ strike, which will be held in September.

23.08.2023, 12:09
Karolis Broga

On Tuesday, Gintautas Jakštas was sworn in as Minister of Education, Science and Sport. Parliament Speaker Viktorija Čmilytė-Nielsen administered the oath.

04.07.2023, 11:02

Сборная Бразилии проиграла Хорватии по пенальти в 1/4 финала чемпионата мира по футболу. Вратарь хорватов Доминик Ливакович сделал девять сейвов в основное время — это рекорд сборной Хорватии на чемпионатах мира.

09.12.2022, 22:39

В мае этого года в Вильнюсском университете прошли первые Студенческие чтения, организованные кафедрой русской филологии. Среди прочих докладов, в которых речь шла об интересующих студентов проблемах литературы и языка, своей актуальностью выделялся доклад студентки второго курса, в прошлом прибывше...

17.05.2022, 22:45
Sara Spivey

This article is going to touch on some of the some of the topics I have already mentioned in previous columns. However, I think these two resonate quite clearly with us all at this moment in time, especially in the current global situation. I’m hoping that they will in some way provide some solution...

09.08.2020, 06:25

Scientists predict the second wave of coronavirus, and this uncertainty encourages high school graduates to reconsider their autumn semester plans. Among students around the world, an interest in a gap year and temporary employment is rapidly growing, while in Lithuania the number of students eager ...

06.07.2020, 06:25

2022 m. Katare vyksiančio FIFA pasaulio čempionato organizatoriai pirmadienį, birželio 15 d., patvirtino, kad šalyje užbaigtas trečias futbolo stadionas. 40 tūkst. vietų stadionas „Education City Stadium“ išdygo švietimo, mokslinių tyrimų ir inovacijų centre Rajane, besiribojančiame su Doha. Tai tre...

16.06.2020, 13:09
Sara Spivey

There is a strong connection between contextualized learning and the approaches to teaching. Contextualised learning places an emphasis on students processing new information by connecting it to their own experience and to the world around them and one such school following this philosophy is Erudit...

01.06.2020, 15:19

As Lithuania's government has allowed schools to resume classes for primary schoolchildren as of next week and do so for elder children a week later, only a few schools in the country plan to resume normal in-class education, according to the information provided by municipalities , cited by the Min...

23.05.2020, 07:15