State Border Guard Service

Lithuanian border guards allowed to use firearms against unidentified drones

Lithuanian border guards have been allowed to use weapons and other measures against unidentified drones, the State Border Guard Service (VSAT) said.

Iš tarnybos atleistas į kontrabandininkų pusę stojęs Pagėgių rinktinės pasienietis (16)

Iš pareigų atleistas kontrabandininkams talkinęs Valstybės sienos apsaugos tarnybos Pagėgių rinktinės pareigūnas. Jam taip pat teks sumokėti daugiau...

Lithuanian border guards to hold drills at border with Poland

Lithuanian border guards will reintroduce controls at the border with Poland for four hours on Tuesday as part of an exercise.

Lithuania officially admits border guards violated Belarusian border

Lithuania has officially admitted that its border guards had violated the Belarusian border , pledging to take measures to prevent such incidents in the...

Russian border guard released in courtroom after border violation

A Šakiai court on Monday found Russian border guard Ruslan Peregud guilty of unlawfully entering Lithuania. As the man had already spent 30 days in...