Suvirintoju tapęs buvęs „Aidų“ leidyklos vadovas: patyriau humanitarinį insultą (802)

„Geriausias pavyzdys man buvo tada, kai vadovas neapsikentęs išmetė iš cecho, paėmęs už pakarpos, seniai užgėrusį suvirintoją. Tas žmogus...

545 medics are in self-isolation in Lithuania mainly in Vilnius County

A total of 545 medics are now self-isolating in Lithuania, mainly in Vilnius County, because of contact with a suspected or confirmed coronavirus case,...

New buzz word in education around the world

GRIT is something that needs to be understood by both parents and students and should be conveyed by teachers .

Men outnumber women in management by almost twice in EU

Men outnumber women in management positions by almost two to one in the EU, despite women constituting 48% of the labour market .

Nobel Prize winner: working in science is like playing chess with God

„For me, science is a play and enjoyment. I love it and hopefully, I will play with science until my last day“, – such hopes were expressed by the...

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