Eastern Europe

Lithuanian Army establishes new battalion for communications and information systems

The Lithuanian Army established on Tuesday its new Communications and Information Systems battalion amid developing new forms of security threats.

Lietuva prieš 100 metų: išgirskite vienus seniausių lietuviškų garso įrašų

Atkurtos Lietuvos valstybės šimtmečio metais, įdomu suprasti ir pažinti mūsų šalį anuomet. Kokie buvo šalies žmonės? Kas juos domino? Koks buvo...

Baltic PMs meet on closer cooperation, security

The prime ministers of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia met here on Monday on closer cooperation and security issues.

Presidential candidate discussion features pointed remarks: you want to open a gate to the East

The Eastern Europe Studies Centre organised its fourth Stasys Lozoraitis Annual Lithuanian Foreign Policy Conference, which featured a debate between...

CityBee is set to join European car-sharing leaders with a 110 mln EUR investment in major fleet upgrade

CityBee Solutions, which operates car-sharing services in Lithuania and Poland, today announced an international tender to purchase over 5 000 new cars....

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