Curonian Lagoon

Lithuania signs letter of intent with Finland on acquisition of two patrol ships

Lithuania has signed a letter of intent with Finland on the acquisition of two navy patrol ships, the Ministry of Defense reported on Wednesday.

Lithuania to buy patrol vessels from Finland

Lithuania plans to acquire patrol vessels from Finland, Lithuania's Ministry of National Defense said on Wednesday.

Three Lithuanians detained by Russian border guards handed over to Lithuania

Klaipeda District Mayor Bronius Markauskas and two Lithuanian businessmen were detained by Russian border guards in the Curonian Lagoon on Sunday, but were...

Environmentalists file EUR 48 mln lawsuit against Grigeo Klaipeda

Lithuania's Environmental Protection Department has filed a 48 million euro civil lawsuit against Grigeo Klaipeda, a Klaipeda-based cardboard producer that...

Grigeo Klaipeda faces fine up to EUR 5 mln

A year after Grigeo Klaipeda, a Klaipeda-based cardboard producer that is part of the Grigeo group, found itself at the center of a Curonian Lagoon pollution...

Delfi Plius Natalia Drozdiak, Alex Wickham, Volodymyr Verbyany

Rusijai – nemalonios užuominos dėl lemiamo posūkio kare

Delfi Plius „Nepatogūs klausimai“

Nepatogūs klausimai. Svečiuose – Gabrielius Vagelis