Grigeo Klaipeda has published the conclusions of the investigation its internal commission carried out, and they state that due to decisions and actions made by former executives, part of biologically untreated wastewater entered the sewage networks of Klaipedos Vanduo (Klaipeda Water), and was subsequently released into the Curonin Lagoon.

The actions and decisions which led to biologically untreated wastewater entering Klaipedos Vanduo's networks were mostly made during the period when Berzonskis led the company and Jonas Garalkis served as head of production, the conclusions state.

Tomas Eikinas, who took over as CEO of Grigeo Klaipeda in December, says he knew nothing about the release of untreated wastewater into the Curonian Lagoon.

"We ourselves have a lot of questions as to what the motives were to release biologically untreated wastewater when the company was profitable," Eikinas said in a statement.

It also states that Berzonskis and Garalis were dismissed from Grigeo Klaipeda in 2019, and now Grigeo Klaipeda and its supplier Algol Chemicals is demanding through court around 1.6 million euros in damages from the former executives and other persons.

The internal commission also made a conclusion that Grigeo Klaipeda's wastewater share in Klaipedos Vanduo's total wastewater in 2012-2017 ranges from 4.2 to 7 percent.

Last month, Klaipeda prosecutors launched a pre-trial investigation into allegations that Grigeo Klaipeda released untreated wastewater into the Curonian lagoon. Currently, six natural persons are considered suspects in this case.

Representatives of the local prosecutor's office told BNS all suspects were in executive positions within the company. Eikinas earlier confirmed it to BNS that prosecutors had brought suspicions against him but he refused to say in which pre-trial investigation and what he is suspected of.

Prosecutors say environmental damage in this case can be valued at "dozens of millions" euros., with Environment Minister Kestutis Mazeika saying earlier that environmental damage done by Grigeo Klaipeda could stand at 60 million euros.

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