Lithuania sees increase in asylum seekers from Belarus and Russia

As the Russian military invasion of Ukraine continues, the number of Belarusian and Russian citizens applying for asylum in Lithuania has increased in March,...

Lithuania will probably conscript all young men in 6-8 years (1)

Even without the introduction of universal conscription, Lithuania will probably conscript all young men fit to serve in 6-8 years due to demographic...

President: Lithuanian public, politicians have to decide on military draft for women

The general public and politicians have to decide whether universal military conscription in Lithuania should include women, Darius Kuliesius, President...

Study: Lithuania needs time, hundreds of millions of euros for universal conscription

Universal military conscription for young people just out of high school could be introduced in Lithuania in 2027 or 2029 and would cost the state hundreds...

Lithuania publishes 2022 military conscription lists

The Lithuanian Armed Forces published this year's military conscription lists on Thursday.

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