Vilnius Municipality

Vilnius Municipality approved design proposals for multifunctional complex Akropolis Vingis

Vilnius City Municipality approved the design proposals for the multifunctional cultural, entertainment, business and shopping complex Akropolis Vingis...

Vilnius and Kaunas kick off heating season

Vilnius and Kaunas are starting the heating season on Monday.

Vilnius Municipality covers monument to Soviet soldiers in Antakalnis Cemetery in black cloth

On Thursday, 13 October, Vilnius City Municipality covered the monument depicting Soviet soldiers in Antakalnis Cemetery in black cloth.

Authorities are considering how to pre-empt Paleckis’ potentially unlawful activities

The Ministry of Justice has established a working group to consider how to pre-empt Algirdas Paleckis’ potentially unlawful activities from prison, where...

Lithuania asks UN committee to lift temporary protection measures applied on Soviet monument in Antakalnis Cemetery

The United Nations Human Rights Committee has imposed temporary protection measures on a Soviet monument in Vilnius Antakalnis cemetery. It consists of six...

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