Vilnius Book Fair

12 straipsnių

Ludo Segers | the Lithuania Tribune

Aušra Mažonė's 's first book The Unknown Frontline - 12 true stories of soldier's wives collected around the globe, (in Lithuanian ''Nežinios fronto linijos -12 tikrų istorijų apie karių moteris iš viso pasaulio”) was launched last weekend at the Vilnius book fair.

Ludo Segers

A large enthusiast and captivated audience came out on a very cold Saturday afternoon to hear former Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt speak at the annual Vilnius Book Fair. Verhofstadt is currently fraction leader of the Liberal Group in the European parliament. However, on Saturday his main m...

Christine Neijstrom | The Lithuania Tribune

In her latest book, Three Lithuanian Europes: the Nation, Europe, and the EU in Modern Identity, philosopher Nerija Putinaitė's quest to flag the wellsprings of Lithuanians' European identity guides readers from the real demise of an imaginary pre-historic golden age, to a barbarian king's Latin bap...