Russian gas

Dario Martinelli: arts and culture as a weapon of war

The ongoing Russian invasion to Ukraine requires effort on all fronts: humanitarian aid, financial help, military equipment, and other means of support are...

Ambassador on reducing energy dependence: Lithuania has done all work

Lithuania has already done everything to give up its energy dependence on Russia, Lithuanian Ambassador to the European Union Arnoldas Pranckevicius says.

President: we say a firm 'no' to Russian gas, oil and to funding aggressor

Moscow's war against Ukraine has shown once again that Russia has never been and is not a reliable partner, and has opened the eyes of many Europeans,...

PM: LNG terminals in all three Baltic states will be needed

With Latvia and Estonia planning to build their own liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals, the prime minister of Lithuania, which already has such a...

Buying gas, oil from Russia amid war in Ukraine "immoral" – Lithuanian adviser

Buying Russian gas and oil amid the ongoing war in Ukraine is immoral, says Asta Skaisgiryte, chief adviser on foreign policy issues to the Lithuanian...

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Delfi Plius Kristina Pocytė, laida „Iš esmės“, Virginija Spurytė

Po sukrečiančių įvykių Ukrainoje ragina Putinui siųsti aiškią žinią: kito kelio tiesiog nėra  (2)