Her comment came as the EU is getting ready to impose new sanctions for the Kremlin, but has failed to include these energy resources in its fifth package of sanctions.

"It seems to us that it’s immoral to buy oil and gas from Russia as this war is taking place. It is a tool to fund the war because these are huge sums of money that go into the budget," the adviser told the public broadcaster LRT on Thursday.

In her words, Lithuania is constantly calling for sanctions on gas, oil and coal. However, the latest package is likely to include only coal, as EU countries heavily dependent on Russian gas and oil are not yet willing to give up these resources.

Meanwhile, Hungary has announced its readiness to pay for Russian gas in roubles, becoming the first EU member state to do so.

"The sanctions should also include a ban on entry into the EU: over 200 army commanders, oligarchs, their wives, by the way, the list also includes Putin's daughters, propagandists, politicians of the two so-called people's republics," Skaisgiryte said.

"Also, there are new financial bans. (...) Four Russian banks have been disconnected from SWIFT, and now talks are underway to freeze their assets, as well as sanction cryptocurrency operations," she added.

Although gas and oil are not included in the sanction package, the advisor says this should be done in the future.

The presidential adviser also said the suspension of transit to Kaliningrad is also under discussion, adding, however, that Lithuania cannot do this unilaterally.

Russia invaded Ukraine more than a month ago and started a war that has sparked outrage and anger around the world. Thousands of Ukrainians have been killed this month and several million have been forced to flee the war-torn country.

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