ruling coalition

HU-LCD gets back to party rating's top spot and democrats bolster position

Lithuania's ruling conservative Homeland Union – Lithuanian Christian Democrats, who dropped to the second place in the party ratings a month ago, have...

Nine in ten Lithuanians think authorities not doing enough to reduce prices

Nine out of ten Lithuanians believe that the authorities are not doing enough to combat soaring prices, according to a Baltijos Tyrimai opinion poll...

Parliament allows letters x, w and q in ID documents

The parliament on Tuesday allowed the original spelling of non-Lithuanian names in Latin-based characters in personal documents.

Minister: Lithuanian athletes to go to Beijing Winter Olympics

Lithuanian athletes who qualify for the Beijing Winter Olympics will travel to the Chinese capital despite calls to boycott the games, Education, Science and...

Group of MPs call for boycott of Beijing Winter Olympics

A group of Lithuanian MPs from the ruling coalition have called on politicians, the National Olympic Committee and athletes to boycott the Winter Olympics in...

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