Ministry of Health

Some heads of Health Ministry’s departments were appointed without holding competitions – media

The public radio LRT has reported that, according to employees of the Ministry of Health , ten heads of its departments were recently appointed without...

Lithuania marks Freedom Defenders Day

On Friday, Lithuania commemorates the 32nd anniversary of the tragic events of January 13 and the Day of the Defenders of Freedom.

Health Ministry in favour of EU’s coordinated approach on travel restrictions from China

Lithuania will not impose separate regulations on travellers from China after COVID-19 restrictions were lifted there resulting in soaring cases. Instead,...

Deputy health minister overseeing Covid-19 management quits

Deputy Health Minister Aušra Bilotienė-Motiejūnienė has announced her resignation as of today due to other career plans, the Ministry of Health said.

Health minister calls for all-player transparency over reimbursable medicines

Health Minister Arūnas Dulkys says that transparency is needed from all the players in the process after the Competition Council’s announcement that...