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Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda has decided not to go to a major Holocaust commutation event in Jerusalem, but will pay homage to the Jewish victims in Auschwitz, in Poland, next Monday, his office said on Tuesday.

Уже в течение года от Центра исследования геноцида и резистенции жителей Литвы требуют оценивать сложную и болезненную историю Литвы не в рамках методов историографии, не по историческим фактам, а в соответствии с желаниями отдельных лиц.

Inna Rogatchi

August 29th, 2016, has become truly important day for Lithuanian people, for Israel, and for all of us who does not know the past term for Holocaust. On that day, a small Lithuanian town of Moletai has become a scene of tangible and penetrating lesson on the Shoah. It was a rare event - unpretending...