European commissioner

President: we say a firm 'no' to Russian gas, oil and to funding aggressor

Moscow's war against Ukraine has shown once again that Russia has never been and is not a reliable partner, and has opened the eyes of many Europeans,...

Commissioner in Vilnius: EU will need to reduce dependence on fertilizers

The EU population will have enough food in the coming years, the European commissioner for agriculture said in Vilnius on Wednesday.

EU commissioner sees Lithuania’s dependence on Russian electricity as major problem

Natural gas supplies do not constitute a weak point for Lithuania but the country’s dependence on Russian electricity is a major problem, which is why it...

Breton in Vilnius: EU will initiate aid to China-affected businesses

The European Union vows to launch an assistance measure for Lithuanian businesses affected by China's economic sanctions, European Commissioner for Internal...

Johansson in Vilnius: migrant pushbacks have no place in EU's legal system (1)

Migrant pushbacks have no place in the European Union's legal system, European Commissioner for Home Affairs Ylva Johansson said in Vilnius on Friday.

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