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Police chief: police won’t give priority to violations of smoking in balconies

The Lithuanian police will not give priority to violations of smoking in balconies , which will be banned from next year under respective amendments...

Lithuanian parliament bans smoking in balconies

Residents of apartment blocks in Lithuania will no longer be able to smoke in balconies if at least one resident objects to that, after the country's...

Experience Lithuanian culture: Užgavėnės in Kaunas

In Lithuania, we call the holiday Užgavėnės, which can be loosely translated into ‘Before fasting period’. Plenty of pancakes must be eaten.

„Yandex“ išdavė itin jautrią karinę informaciją (50)

Rusiškasis „ Google Earth “ atitikmuo „Yandex“ apsiriko atskleisdamas šimtų slaptų karinių objektų vietą, rašo news.com.au.

Heating season has started: Lithuanian homeowners face the poorest heat retention in the Baltics

Start of a new heating season not only boosts household bills for the municipal services, but also calls for attention towards heat sufficiency. Despite the...

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