Lithuania's Armed Forces

Lithuania takes in 4 Afghans who worked with Lithuanian troops
2017 m. liepos 10 d. 09:31
Four local men who worked with Lithuanian troops in Afghanistan have come to live in Lithuania, with one of them still waiting for asylum , the Joint Staff of the...
Troops to leave for multinational operations areas in Afghanistan, Iraq
2017 m. liepos 4 d. 10:42
The Lithuanian Armed Forces ' Joint Staff Headquarters in Vilnius are hosting on Tuesday a farewell ceremony for Lithuanian troops leaving for the NATO-led...
Lithuanians asked to pay for ammo after leaving professional military service early  (1)
2017 m. liepos 4 d. 10:35
Two men -- one has spent four years in professional military service and the other has spent...
Lithuania to send more troops to Afghanistan
2017 m. birželio 30 d. 11:53
As NATO prepares to send more troops to Afghanistan , Lithuania also plans to increase...
Lithuania extends professional military service length by 5 yrs
2017 m. gegužės 23 d. 15:52
Professional military servicemen and servicewomen will be able to serve in the Lithuanian...
Armed Forces revise menus for troops
2017 m. gegužės 12 d. 09:05
Lithuania's Armed Forces have revised menus for troops starting May to include more options, such as lasagna or burgers, the Defense Ministry said on Thursday.
US defense secretary pledges to defend Baltc states but can't elaborate on Patriot systems
2017 m. gegužės 10 d. 11:53
United States Secretary of Defense James Mattis said in Vilnius on Wednesday that the US was ready to deploy defense systems in the Baltic states to deter Russia,...
DefMin to assign planning of military acquisitions to Armed Forces
2017 m. gegužės 8 d. 12:25
Lithuania's Defence Ministry intends to put the Armed Forces in charge of coordination...
General to take helm of Lithuanian Military Academy
2017 m. balandžio 18 d. 23:01
Brigadier General Algis Vaičeliūnas will become the chief of the Lithuanian Military...
Ex-officer, Russian citizen appeal against verdict in spying case
2017 m. balandžio 5 d. 10:25
Former Lithuanian military officer and a Russian citizen have filed an appeal against the...
Russia seeks infiltration of young men with dual citizenship as Lithuanian recruits
2017 m. balandžio 4 d. 09:55
Russia is searching for ways of infiltrating young men holding dual citizenship of Lithuania and Russia in Lithuania's Armed Forces through compulsory initial...
Russia's readiness for combat in 24 hours sends signal to Lithuania, NATO
2017 m. balandžio 3 d. 11:33
Russia 's readiness to open combat action against the Baltic states within 24-48 hours...
Lithuanian army forming 3rd brigade from reserve troops
2017 m. kovo 23 d. 09:30
Lithuania's Armed Forces are forming the third brigade consisting of mainly reserve troops.
Lithuania should step up security cooperation with Nordic states - Minister of Defence
2017 m. kovo 20 d. 09:33
Lithuania should step military and security cooperation with the Nordic countries , Defence...
Defence Resource Council backs centralized defense system acquisitions
2017 m. kovo 13 d. 12:13
The Defence Ministry's Defence Resource Council on Friday gave a green light to the reform of the defence system, with a centralized procurement agency being the...
Lithuania plans to further raise number of troops, form 2 new batallions
2017 m. kovo 6 d. 12:23
Lithuania's Defence Ministry intends continue raising the number of professional troops next year and form two new battalions in western part of the country.
Way of spending more important than larger defense budget - Gen. Hodges
2017 m. kovo 1 d. 12:03
Lieutenant General Ben Hodges , commander of the United States Army Europe, has applauded...
Lithuania could get cyber recruits in next few years
2017 m. kovo 1 d. 08:26
Lithuania could get cyber recruits and generate a reserve of people troops within the next...
Former Lithuanian army officer, Russian citizen sentenced for spying
2017 m. vasario 28 d. 10:29
A Šiauliai court on Tuesday convicted former Lithuanian army officer and a Russian citizen...
Two new deputy defmins appointed in Lithuania
2017 m. vasario 20 d. 09:46
Two new defence vice-ministers have been appointed in Lithuania: Giedrimas Jeglinskas , former Citigroup corporate banking vice-president will be in charge of...
President Grybauskaitė tells US vice-president Baltic air defence expectations  (1)
2017 m. vasario 19 d. 00:45
Lithuania's President Dalia Grybauskaitė says she updated US Vice-President Mike Pence on the expectations in connection to addition US military instruments to...
Armed Forces to offer diets for vegetarians
2017 m. vasario 13 d. 13:53
Following criticism over diet for vegetarians serving in Lithuania's Armed Forces ,...
Air force commander dismissed after helicopter repairs probe
2017 m. vasario 13 d. 09:20
Lithuanian Defence Minister Raimundas Karoblis has decided that Air Force Commander...
Lithuanian army expects German teaching to use Boxer
2017 m. vasario 3 d. 11:59
Lithuania's Armed Forces expect German troops to cooperate in the training of Lithuanian...
Lithuanian leaders to approve 2017 intelligence priorities
2017 m. sausio 16 d. 09:50
The Lithuanian State Defence Council is holding a meeting on Monday where top officials of the country and heads of intelligence institutions should discuss and...
Suspected spies face 6, 13 yrs in prison in Lithuania
2017 m. sausio 13 d. 21:21
A Šiauliai court on Friday finished hearings in an espionage trial of a former Lithuanian officer and a Russian citizen whom prosecutors want sentenced to six and 13...
Minister of Defence plans to set up military procurement agency
2017 m. sausio 10 d. 11:58
Lithuanian Defence Minister Raimundas Karoblis is planning to establish a separate agency...
Minister of Defence hopes all recruits to join voluntarily in 2017
2017 m. sausio 4 d. 14:06
Lithuania's Defence Minister Raimundas Karoblis hopes that all recruits will join the...
What to observe in Lithuanian politics in 2017
2017 m. sausio 2 d. 13:05
BNS Lithuania news agency lists the most important 2017 projected events on the political...