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Lithuania #1 among Baltic States by number of tourist overnight stays
2017 m. kovo 16 d. 14:54
Touris ts spend more nights in Lithuania than in Latvia or Estonia. According to EUROSTAT , the official statistical office of the European Union, in 2016 the number...
Energmin sees some positive shift in Latvia's stance on Belarus' N-plant
2017 m. vasario 23 d. 09:20
Lithuanian Energy Minister Žygimantas Vaičiūnas says that an agreement has been reached...
Minister of Energy to ask about Latvian stance on Astravyets
2017 m. vasario 22 d. 10:05
Amid the discussions in Lithuania on ways to halt the construction of the Astravyets...
Latvia's reluctance to block Belarus' N-plant may be due to economic reasons - MP
2017 m. vasario 21 d. 11:50
Lithuanian Prime Minister Saulius Skvernelis says that economic reasons could be behind Latvia 's apparent reluctance to take a tougher stance toward the...
New Govt wants to study details of Rail Baltica project - TranspMin
2017 m. sausio 17 d. 12:29
The Lithuanians government wants to look into the details of the Rail Baltic project before signing interstate agreements on the European standard-gauge railway,...
PM - Other countries view Belarus' N-plant project through economic lens
2017 m. sausio 17 d. 10:22
Other countries view Belarus' Astravyets nuclear power plant project through an economic...
Latvian minister: We grasp Astravyets concerns, don't plan embargo laws
2017 m. sausio 16 d. 10:18
The Latvian government supports the Lithuanian position to demand the highest security...
EU aid for Klaipėda FSRU purchase to depend on Latvia, Estonia - EnergMin
2016 m. gruodžio 27 d. 16:16
Lithuania's talks with the European Commission on EU funding for the acquisition of the...
New Seimas speaker off to Latvia on 1st foreign visit
2016 m. gruodžio 6 d. 09:56
Viktoras Pranckietis is going on Tuesday to Latvia on his first foreign visit as speaker of the Lithuanian parliamentary.
New Seimas speaker going to Riga on 1st foreign visit
2016 m. lapkričio 30 d. 11:18
Lithuania's new Parliamentary Speaker Viktoras Pranckietis will make his first foreign trip to Latvia .
New government’s vision – wishing to appear progressive, but...
2016 m. lapkričio 18 d. 10:39
The Lithuanian Peasant and Greens Union (LPGU) and the Lithuanian Social Democrat Party...
Some 71% of Poles think Poland should defend Baltics in case of attack
2016 m. lapkričio 10 d. 15:01
Seventy-one percent of Poles think that their country should defend the Baltic countries if...
Riga Conference 2016 – a reflection
2016 m. lapkričio 8 d. 14:00
Every year Latvia hosts what is called The Riga Conference . This year was no different....
Why relations between Lithuania and Latvia aren’t all that fraternal  (1)
2016 m. spalio 12 d. 11:47
Lithuania and Latvia have much in common on a strategic level. Yet relations between the two aren’t especially brotherly. That’s how political expert Linas...
Latvian experts to present documents proving Lithuania was Soviet Union's donor  (1)
2016 m. rugsėjo 17 d. 10:55
Latvian experts are expected to next week present an analysis of archival financial documents, proving that Lithuania was a donor of the Soviet Union rather than its...
Lithuania, Latvia agree to synchronize military equipment procurement
2016 m. rugsėjo 15 d. 20:41
The Lithuanian and Latvia n defense ministers signed on Thursday a joint communiqué...
Lithuanian, Latvian defence ministers to discuss synchronization of military procurement
2016 m. rugsėjo 15 d. 12:44
Lithuania and Latvia are planning to cooperate in an effort to synchronize procurement of...
Lithuania most Brexit-vulnerable country in Eastern Europe
2016 m. liepos 13 d. 15:20
The United Kingdom 's withdrawal from the European Union (EU) will have the biggest...
Lithuania's death rates from overdoses twice EU average
2016 m. gegužės 31 d. 16:55
The European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction has said that Lithuania's mortality rate due to drug overdoses is more than twice the EU average.
Lithuania drops to 30th place in world competitiveness rankings
2016 m. gegužės 31 d. 09:22
Lithuania has fallen to 30th place in the latest annual IMD World Competitiveness Rankings for 2016 though it remains a regional leader.
Nord Stream 2 could be Russian cover to militarize Gotland - political scientist
2016 m. gegužės 23 d. 15:02
The Nord Stream 2 project must be considered not just for its economic and energy...
Linkevičius outlines Lithuania's path to OECD membership in wake of Latvian acceptance
2016 m. gegužės 11 d. 16:57
The fight against corruption and the overhaul of state-owned companies are the key...
Lithuania's democracy held back by corruption, says Freedom House
2016 m. balandžio 12 d. 08:33
Though the level of democracy in Lithuania is higher than in Hungary , Slovakia , Romania and Bulgaria , it still lags behind its Baltic state neighbours of...
Lithuanian border guards prepare for potential flow of refugees through Russia
2016 m. kovo 9 d. 09:15
As the European Union blocks the flow of illegal immigrants from Libya to Italy and negotiates similar agreements in Turkey and Greece, some fear that migrants may...
Joint EU army supported by more than two-thirds of Lithuanians
2016 m. vasario 24 d. 13:46
According to the most recent Eurobarometer survey, more than two thirds of Lithuanians...
Valančiūnas and Latvia's Porzingis face off as Raptors sweep Knicks
2016 m. vasario 23 d. 13:34
Baltic basketball fans who have been comparing and contrasting the NBA careers of Jonas...
Latvian banks under pressure from US to curb money laundering  (1)
2016 m. vasario 5 d. 14:43
Will pressure from the United States, fear of losing the last dollar correspondent account,...