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Remains of 1863 uprising participants to be buried in Vilnius' Rasos Cemetery

A Lithuanian government commission has decided that the remains of participants of the 1863-1864 uprising against Tsarist Russia should be buried in Vilnius'...

Researchers want genetic identification of 1863 uprising leader's remains

Lithuanian researchers want to conduct genetic analyses to identify the remains of Konstantinas Kalinauskas (Konstanty Kalinowski), one of the leaders of...

Researchers to unveil findings on remains found on Vilnius' Gediminas Hill

Anthropologists will unveil on Thursday the latest findings of their research of human remains found on the Gediminas Hill in downtown Vilnius.

Lithuania's iconic Gediminas Hill closed to visitors after landslide

Specialists on Saturday decided to close the Gediminas Hill in downtown Vilnius to visitors after a landslide on its eastern slope.

Researchers ask Government to fund genetic testing of 1863 uprising leaders' remains

Researchers expect to confirm after genetic testing that the remains of Žigmantas Sierakauskas (Zygmunt Sierakowski) and Konstantinas Kalinauskas...

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