Yevgeni Titov

Russian journalist says Lithuania gave him possibility to speak freely

Russian journalist Yevgeni Titov says he is happy to have received political asylum in Lithuania despite the lengthy procedures.

Lithuania grants asylum to Russian journalist Titov

Lithuania has granted asylum to Russian journalist Yevgeni Titov , the Migration Department said on Wednesday.

Lithuanian Migration Department's director stays in her post

Evelina Gudzinskaitė does not plant to resign as director of the Lithuanian Migration Department under the Interior Ministry after receiving a negative...

Migration Department to again decide on asylum for Russian journalist

Lithuania's Supreme Administrative Court on Tuesday satisfied the claim by Russian journalist Yevgeni Titov who was refused asylum in Lithuania,...

Interior minister proposes to close down Migration Department

Lithuanian Interior Minister Eimutis Misiūnas proposed on Tuesday to abolish the country's Migration Department , which has been under criticism lately,...

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