State Data Protection Inspectorate

Household appliances chain store halts sale of D-Link routers over cyber security risks

Topo Centras, a Lithuanian chain of stores selling household appliances and electronic devises, decided on Tuesday to halt the sale of D-Link routers.

Data watchdog launches probe into journalist Cerniauskas' actions

Lithuania's State Data Protection Inspectorate said on Wednesday it had launched an investigation into allegedly unlawful actions of journalist Sarunas...

Centre of Registers audit finished: schemes uncovered with damages in the millions

When suspicions arose that exclusive conditions were granted for certain companies to pay several times lower prices for data at the Centre of Registers ,...

Google Street View cars to return to Lithuanian roads

Google Street View cars will once again appear on Lithuanian roads on Wednesday and plan to spend two months updating information on intercity roads.

Lithuania to be late for implementation of new EU data protection rules (1)

Lithuania has failed to adopt necessary laws in time for the start of the application of the European Union 's new data protection rules on Friday.

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