Minister Linkevičius: Russia's spying in Lithuania shouldn’t surprise anyone (1)

Nobody should be surprised over Russia spying in Lithuania, the Baltic country's Foreign Minister Linas Linkevičius says.

Edward Lucas: Prosecuting spies "has a good deterrence effect" (1)

Lithuania's decision to publicly prosecute foreign spies is a good deterrence measure, reflecting the attitude towards Russia as a hostile country, says...

Lithuania detains suspected Russian spy (4)

A Russian citizen has been detained in Lithuania on the suspicion of spying , the Prosecutor General 's Office said on Monday.

Estonian officer in Russia has not been charged yet

There have been no clear charges pressed against Estonian security police officer Eston Kohver , currently kept detained in Russia , Estonian Minister of...

Candidate to head State Security Department says it must assume leadership in preventing threats

The Lithuanian State Security Department should take a leading role in preventing threats, says Colonel Darius Jauniškis who has been proposed to head...