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Lithuania doesn't rule broadening natl sanctions against Russia

Lithuania does not rule out broadening its national sanctions against Russia if the European Union fails to do so at the bloc's level, Foreign Minister...

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No grounds for scrapping Savchenko List, says Lithuania’s foreign minister

Lithuania's Foreign Minister Linas Linkevicius has said he sees no grounds for scrapping the country’s list of unwanted persons that includes individuals...

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Denying visa-free travel to Georgians and Ukrainians would be unfair, Linkevičius says

It would be incorrect for the European Union to renege on its promises of visa-free travel for Georgians and Ukrainians, says Lithuania's Foreign Minister...

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Lithuanian "Savchenko List" will have about 20 sanctioned Russian officials

Lithuania is developing a so-called Savchenko List that will include about two dozen Russian officials who were involved in the detention and criminal...

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