Russian Alliance

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Vytautas Grubliauskas, mayor of Lithuania's western port of Klaipėda, said on Tuesday he had collected the necessary number of signatures to launch impeachment proceedings against Viačeslav Titov, a councilor representing the Russian Alliance, after he accused a Lithuanian partisan leader of killing...

Andžej Pukšto

Posters on bus stops across Vilnius remind us that, this autumn, we are celebrating the 25th anniversary since most countries in the world resumed diplomatic relations with the Republic of Lithuania. The events will probably also celebrate the relations between Lithuania and Poland. Although there i...

the Lithuania Tribune, LRT

While the overwhelming majority of Lithuanians support their country's NATO membership and the Allied presence in its territory, marginal groups and political parties across Eastern Europe are trying to rally an anti-NATO movement ahead of the Alliance's summit in Warsaw this July.