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Order and Justice Party to ask court for special status to influence-peddling case

The Order and Justice Party will ask the court to assign a special status to a case in which the party is suspected of influence peddling, squandering of...

Prosecutors restrict Order and Justice's rights to state budget allocations

Lithuanian prosecutors on Wednesday temporarily restricted the Order and Justice Party 's rights to 223,000 euros in state budget allocations, the...

10 of the Lithuanian Parliament's most important decisions in 2015

Here are 10 of the most important, controversial or widely discussed Seimas (parliament) decisions made during 2015. This list was compiled by 15min.lt.

Seimas votes for lifting MP Ručys' legal immunity

The Seimas of Lithuania on Tuesday lifted the legal immunity of Order and Justice MP Rimas Antanas Ručys , paving the way for his prosecution in a...

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