Pope John Paul II

Gediminas Jankauskas. Šimtasis popiežiaus Jono Pauliaus II jubiliejus: kokį jį prisimename filmuose?

Gegužės aštuonioliktąją sukanka šimtas metų, kai gimė popiežius Jonas Paulius II–sis. Karolis Józefas Wojtyła buvo antras Lenkijos...

Lithuania looks at new markets: hopes to accelerate foreign tourism

More and more tourists find Baltic countries appealing when they are choosing their new destinations. Lithuania sees the growing number of foreigners...

Over 100,000 people gather for papal Holy Mass in Lithuania's Kaunas

Over 100,000 worshipers have gathered on Sunday morning in Lithuania's second-largest city of Kaunas for the Holy Mass celebrated by Pope Francis .

Pope Fancis might ask Lithuania for solidarity in accepting refugees

Pope Francis , arriving in Lithuania on Saturday, might ask the Baltic states for solidarity in accepting refugees escaping war conflicts, Vatican...

Pope Francis calls on Lithuania to become "bridge between Eastern and Western Europe"

Pope Francis , who arrived in Vilnius on Saturday, called on Lithuanians to be open and compassionate and become "a bridge between Eastern and Western Europe".