National Minority Law

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Some MPs propose to consider lowering election barrier for Natl minorities

The May 3 Group set up at the Lithuanian parliament to address national minority policy issues proposes to consider lowering the Seimas election...

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Seimas not to rush with Natl Minority Law, name-spelling - Speaker

The National Minority Law and spelling of non-Lithuanian names in personal documents will not be rushed, as they are still subject to discussions and...

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Lithuanian parliament speaker makes clear National Minority Bill will not be passed in autumn session

All ethnic minorities should agree on the National Minority Law , says Lithuania's Parliamentary Speaker Loreta Graužinienė, making it clear that the...

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Lithuanian culture minister: National minority law will depend on coalition line-up

If the task force set up by the prime minister fails to find a compromise on the draft National Minority Law prepared by the Culture Ministry , Lithuanian...

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