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Email extracts: Lithuanian president called energy watchdog chair "Icor lady"

Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaitė wanted to sack Diana Korsakait ė , the former chairwoman of the country's National Commission for Energy...

Lithuanian SocDem Labour Party to hold constituent assembly in late March

The Lithuanian Social Democratic Labour Party will hold its constituent assembly on March 24.

ELECTIONS. Analysis. Social policy debate – another victory for the “Peasants”

The “ Peasants ” (LVŽS) are celebrating their second consecutive debate victory, shows a survey of experts done by LRT.lt after the social policy...

Most leaders of Seimas election lists back same-sex partnerships (1)

If ordinary members of Lithuania's next parliament back the ideas of their leaders, the country may adopt a historic decision to legalize homosexual...

Daiva Žeimytė-Bilienė, laida „Iš esmės“, Virginija Spurytė

Lenkijos rinkimų purvas gali aptaškyti ir Lietuvą: situacija tampa pavojinga  (11)

Daiva Žeimytė-Bilienė, laida „Iš esmės“, Virginija Spurytė

Degutienė atskleidė, kokį politiką norėtų matyti Lietuvos prezidentu: tik yra vienas kabliukas  (16)